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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

New Shirts

When we went to the mall on Saturday, we got the kids new shirts at the Disney store. They were on sale for only 4.99. Not a bad price for new. Usually we only get "new to us", not "new". Anyway, Jim got a Dash shirt (Incredibles), Joe got Lightning McQueen (Cars), Tom got Donald Duck, Eme got Aristocats, and Jacob got Jack Sparrow (Pirates of Caribbean)

I love this picture. It seems like Jim is moving so fast, that everyone else is blurry. Just like Dash!


Madison McShinsky said...

Cool shirts! I love a good deal!

a said...

I remember thinking that big character shirts were gay, and that my kids wouldn't wear them. But seeing how much they like them, i gave in. I guess I'm not as mean of a mom as I thought!

Anonymous said...

What big kids!

Anonymous said...

I love how he is standing still and how the other kids are blurry like he is moving super fast!