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We're moving again! Well, not physically, but my blogger account is full, and I'm moving to a new blog location.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

My Mothers Day

OK, I'm a little late posting this, but now is better than never. And I've decided that next year, I'm sneaking up early, to get ready. These pictures are ridiculous! No mom wants her picture taken looking like this. I'm lovely 1st thing in the morning, as I'm sure you are too :)

So here's my breakfast in bed. 1/2 cup oatmeal with splenda and cinnamon (maybe a little too much cinnamon :) and 2 pieces of turkey bacon. Yummy :)

Brent got me new pans. I LOVE them. We needed new frying pans so much! And these are Kitchen Aid, so they're really nice! Thanks sweetie!

He also get me new earrings. I love earring!

The kids got me cards, and Jacob and Thomas gave me their RIF books. They're so thoughtful! The kids didn't come upstairs and wake me up in the morning. That was nice. They stayed downstairs and played amongst themselves. What a lovely Mothers Day!