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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Santa Robots!!!!!!


a said...

Notice the new addition to my living room carpet. Chocolate syrup. Lovely. I think it adds a touch of class!

Nathaniel said...

I am quite pleased that you're all indoctrinated into the world of Doctor Who.

a said...

We got our Season 1 yesterday, and watched the first episode with the kids.

They were all so excited. The were huddled at the couch, and the little kids thought it was a little scary, but loved every minute of it!

Nathaniel said...

Apparently, that's not an atypical reaction in the UK. I never really thought of it as a show suited for children when I watched it back in the day. Mostly, because the episodes back then could be rather boring. Then again, I was watching it as a kid too, but I doubt they would take to the old show as well as the new.

CSA Brent said...

It's really a pretty family friendly show. Hardly any bad words, some violence, but mostly against aliens. No inappropriate grown-up scenes. And they always try and do the right thing. We like it :)