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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Good Morning!

We have a lot of fun activities planned for today! Hopefully we can get everything done. Here are a few of the jobs we'd like to accomplish. I'll repost either this evening or tomorrow morning, and we'll see which we completed!

  • Jacob and Tom are going to the Simco's new house to help paint at 8:30 ish
  • I need a shower (hey, if it doesn't make the list, it's not a priority!)
  • The family is going to the Simco's new house for a picnic at noon. I need to get all the stuff ready before then :)
  • We're working on 2 more civil war 'pup' tents. We bought the first one, and are making the next 2 out of canvas drop cloths. Aren't we tricky. It cuts the cost almost in 1/2. Yeah us!
  • I need to make 2 white collars for Eme and myself. Our new civil war dresses need them.
  • I need to make Jacob, Tom, and Jim's summer blankets, but maybe not today :)
  • We need to pick up our trailer from the shop. The lights were screwy. Not good when you're towing something :)
  • The grass needs some serious attention!
  • I need to plan my songs for Relief Society for May.
  • We need to get ready for Sunday in general. I hate rushing around on Sunday morning. My goal this week is to have the kitchen cleaned, the living room floors picked up, and the Sunday clothes laid out on Saturday night.
That seems like a pretty good list! Now, the trick is to see how much of it I (we) can do!!!!!


Beth said...

I am a totaly list-maker... it's the only way to get stuff done AND if I do a little extra, I will add it to the list just for the satisfaction of crossing it off.. Am I a dork or what?? "Saturday is a special day.. it's the day we get ready for SUNday!" Just had to sing that.. I totally get ready Saturday night even though we don't have church until 11. I hate to feel scattered. Can't imagine all you have to do with five kids. You are a stud.

Beth said...

Ok, that's supposed to say TOTAL list maker. I hate when I hit publish and have spelling goof-ups. ;)

Lyn said...

You confused me for a minute! I was wondering why bethany was responding to her own blog HAAAA!!!!!

a said...

Well, I did 5.5 out of 10. Thats not too bad! Plus, the one about the sewing collars, I sewed stuff for Young Womens instead. So if I count that, it's 6.5 out of 10. Even better!