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Monday, May 07, 2007

Rock Party

For family home evening tonight, we had a rock party. We hooked up the trailer to the suburban, and drove it over a block. Then, we loaded up nice rocks into the trailer, and brought them back home. There were some nice rocks in and amongst the weeds and bags of trash. We use the rocks for decorative trim in the yard. We're so clever! (and no, we're not taking them out of someones nice yard. we take them from the 'neighborhood trash dumping site". In the summer, it's so overrun with weeds and such that you can't even see the ground. it's lovely)

Here's an example of what we do with the rocks that we find.

This is what it looked like before. We cut down the little tree in the front, and the wind burst took care of 1/2 of the one on the left. We built a rock wall on the right side. We mulched around the house and around the septic system. We put in railroad ties around the gravel pit (btw, we have to have the gravel pit as part of the septic system. lovely)
I'll take some better before and after pictures in a few days to show. Well, I should say I'll take some after pictures. I can't very well take before pictures, now can I?


Madison McShinsky said...

What are railroad ties? I see them offered on freecycle all the time. Your yard looks very nice! Is that a for sale sign in your yard? where ya movin too?

CSA Brent said...

Railroad ties are heavy pieces of wood that are treated to slow down rot. They are placed under the metal part of the railroad line.

To move it, you'll have to have 2 men, depending on what shape they are in. Handy for landscaping if you can get them. Good for flower boxes too.

CSA Brent said...

don't know where we're moving...need a job offer from another council first.

Chris & Stephanie said...

I was wondering about the "For Sale" sign too...coming back to the Great Northwest?? ;o)

a said...

The picture with the for sale sign was taken when we were looking to buy this house, in 04. The other picture was taken last week.