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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Pack 140's Spring Campout

What a fun campout we had. It was super low key, mostly just hanging out. It was so much fun!

Here's the Robert girls, Eme, and Jacob

Here we all are, hanging out after our hike, getting ready for lunch

More hanging out

Hike pictures

Breakfast was good. We had pancakes, chaluso (yah, I butchered that word. It's spanish sausage) and eggs, fruit (mangos, kiwi's and strawberries), cereal, and juice. Yummy!

Everyone looks tired. Could be because my kids got up at 5:30am. Sorry everyone!

Not quite awake yet!

We're awake!

Here's the 2 pictures of me taken this weekend. I'm glad that I made it in a few pics :)

And Brent. He hurt his nose Thursday night while building the small camp chairs. He was trying to get a nail out of a piece of wood, and the hammer slipped and whacked him on the nose. Ouch! Good thing it didn't break his nose. Scary!

Here's John setting up the Dining fly. We all came over to help him out. He seriously hurt is knee at work, and injured his hand a few months later. He's on disability now, and isn't supposed to be doing much of anything physical. And he's real good about letting his injury heal. Good job John. Poor guy :)


Madison McShinsky said...

Fun! We love camping!

a said...

It's a blast. And it's fun to watch the kids having fun. I have nice memories of us camping with Dad.

Madison McShinsky said...

I remember you beat up Terry once when we were camping!

a said...

I don't remember that, but I bet he had it coming. He was a punk when he was younger :)