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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Lazy Day

So when I woke up this morning, I had a migraine. Lovely. Just what I wanted. I had it when I went to bed last night. I took some drugs (4 ibuprofen and 2 Tylenol) before bed, but it didn't seem to help. It was still here when I woke up. My poor kids had to get themselves ready all by themselves. And because the truck is in the shop, the boys had to walk to school.

I did come down at 8:15 to get some food. I needed more drugs, but couldn't take them without food. So, I choked down a bowl of raisin bran, and helped the boys pack their lunches. They left at 8:30. Brent left at about the same time (he couldn't drop them off that early, and he was running late). I turned on the TV (what a great friend) and went upstairs to go back to bed.

When I woke up at 9:50, I felt so much better. Then, by 11am, the headache was at bay. Thank goodness. So, I've been hanging out with the kids today, and we've been playing and watching TV. What a nice lazy day. We should do this more often. Minus the headache, of course!

Eme with her nursery rhyme book from Kindergarten registration

Look how long her hairs getting

Jimmy, in his jammies. OK, it's Eme's shirt, but he doesn't care!

What a cutie!


Lyn said...

Im really glad that your head is better! have a good rest of the day...Ilove ya!

Lyn said...

Is Joe dancing and letting you take his pic? I thought he didnt like the attention? He's so cute! Tell Eme her hair is wonderful, but grandma would LOVE to wack it off! ha We love short hair...

a said...

Joe doesn't like large group attention. Attention from me is fine. Strange one, he is :)

And Eme loves her long girl hair. She feels so grown up with it.

Madison McShinsky said...

Pretty hair! I like long hair too Eme! Is Joe wearing hotpants?..ha

a said...

They're just shorts, but they're kinda tight and short, eh? Maybe they should go to Jim. I guess I don't care. He dresses himself, so why complain?