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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

How Prepared Are You?

OK, the night before last, I had a dream that there was some kind of emergency, or disaster, and we had to leave our home and get to safety. We weren't prepared. In the dream, I was scrambling to get all of the things we would need to take.

So when I woke up, I thought, Wow, I need to get my 72 hour kit together. But, as the day wore on, I did not even go in the basement and take a look. At one time, we had 72 hour kits for each of us. I think that was when Eme was a baby. Since then, mice have gotten into the food, and of course, we've had 2 more kids. So none of the clothes will fit. It needs some work.

So last night, I had another dream. This time, there was some disaster, and we were able to stay in our home, but there was no electricity. So no stores or anything were able to function. We were stuck with what we had in our house. Luckily, in the dream, we had a full tank of gas in both vehicles. And we had some food. But, we weren't very prepared either.

I think that I will go in the basement, and get the 72 hour kit up to speed today. And if I'm out and about, I think I'll pick up a few extra packs of spaghetti noodles, and a few jars of sauce. And I"m gonna fill up all my water jugs. A dream one night is ok. But 2 in a row. Maybe someone is trying to tell me something :)


Lyn said...

Get mine ready for me too! ahhh!

a said...

I went out and bought enough food for us for 3 days of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, I have enough for 2 more dinners and lunches, just need the breakfasts.

That would give me 5 days. Thats a great start :)

Pinky said...

Way to go! Good for you for listening to the promptings! I know Bishop is really trying to get us prepared here too....He truly feels SOMETHING is coming our way! Thanks for the reminder..I need to get to work...either that or I'm going to your mom's he he!