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Sunday, March 25, 2007

"Tell My Father"


Anonymous said...

Mom, that movie was very good.


Anonymous said...

Sweetie Pie...that is outstanding! What a great tribute to the men who made this Nation what it is today. This ties in very well with what our goal is in doing reenacting as a family - to educate this generation on the sacrifices of that generation during the War Between the States.

You had a great vision of this song (off The Civil War by Frank Wildhorn)and what it would look like on video. I am glad you let me be a small part of it in the final edit process, which is not necessarily fun when someone critiques your work. But it was real satisfying for me to sit with you, discuss the timing of the music, and the appropriate slide for what the song was saying.

I'm also glad we put some good pics of our group, the 26th NC Co. G in there also!

I really like the mix of actual Civil War photos with solid reenactment photos. Unless one pays attention, it can be difficult to really tell. Many of those photos are from Gettysburg, and that is very appropriate for the 26th, as they sacrificed the most of any regiment at that battle. And of course, my ancestor, Captain William M. Tuck of the 3rd Virginia Co. K fought under Kemper's Brigade in Picket's charge and was wounded and captured at Gettysburg.

This song makes me think a lot of my ancestor Francis Cossairt, and how 3 of the 4 of his son's who fought to preserve the Union died in the War. He had to be told 3 times that his son gave all in battle. Thankfully, his last son Capt. Jacob Cossairt lived or I wouldn't be here today!

Again, this is an outstanding effort for our family and friends. I can't say anything else to tell you my appreciation, except maybe, I love you very much for this effort on this video. I know it took you several hours to do, and you "did your duty" as Robert E. Lee often said.

Nathaniel said...

Very nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Hello Bethany! Gosh, I really enjoyed looking at your blog and watching the re-enactment. Your mother emailed the website to me.

Anonymous said...

Bethany this is superb! You have captured the sacrifice and spirit of the war which pitted brother against brother, father against son and region against region. Wow! Tears flowed as the silent message of the pictures were described by the great song that you picked! Powerful stuff. You are a talented young lady and I am so happy that you are a part of our family, maybe even the heart and soul of the family, if the emotions captured in this blog. Thank you so much for being who you are. We all love you. Keep up the good work!