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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Spring Break Crafts at the Library

This was taken on the first day of Spring Break, on Monday. It was quite a busy day. First, we cleaned the house and did your chores. Then, we headed out to do our errands. At about 10:30. First, we went to the bank. Then, to Hobby Lobby (the craft store). We were looking for Boning for my dress, and for stickers for the pinewood derby cars and trophies. Also, we were looking for wood pieces for the trophies. We spent way too long in that store! When we left, it was noon.
We headed for Burger King for lunch. Thanks Grandma Lyn! Lunch was good, and the kids were very well behaved. After lunch, we went to the Unique Thrift store for 1/2 price day. We found lots of treasures. Toys, wooden puzzles, muslin sheets for civil war clothes, sandals, stuffed animals, and lots more. It really has a good selection.
Then, we were off to Wal-mart. We got eggs, and water, and a few other essentials. Then, it was time for Craft Time at the Library. We took the big double stroller. Jimmy had fallen asleep, so it was easiest for him to continue napping. Jacob checked out books for this "Wax Museum" project. He's doing Robert E. Lee. We got to ride the elevator to the upstairs. The kids liked that.
Then, it was home for dinner. Can't remember what we had. We were off the menu :)
Brent, who was sick, headed out the door for the doctor. That was about 6:00. Then, Jimmy and his siblings were playing outside, and he fell and cut his head. So I rounded up all the kids and headed out to the Emergency Room. 5 hours and medical glue later, I was back home. Brent had picked up the other kids at 9pm. All in all, it was a long and eventful day. But most of it was fun! But I hope that the rest of spring break is a little less eventful!


Madison McShinsky said...

WOW! What a fun/busy day!

The McCullough Family said...

Wow- you are so brave. I feel like a chicken. I try not to take my 3 out anywhere alone! Well, Jackson especially--I can't keep up with him.