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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pinewood Derby 2007

Wednesday, March 25th 2007 was our Pinewood Derby! We got there early to help set up the track, and get all ready. We had a great turn out. Us, the O'Briens, the Mendozes, the Roberts, and Enriques family.

Here are my men!

Jacob Harty - Webelos - First Place - The Tank

Thomas Harty - Tiger Cub - 2nd Place - The Swamp Ranger

Additional views of Toms Car - Isn't it cool!

More pics of Toms car

And yet more pics

Brent Harty - The Missouri Mini Ball

Bethany Harty - Flower Power

Emeline Harty - My Little Pony

Joseph Harty - John Deere


Madison McShinsky said...

Your car is really pretty..did you win anything?

a said...

no, i don't make very good cars :( But they weren't too bad for 3 hours before the race!

brent helped the 2 oldest boys with theres a few days before, and I decided last minute to make some for me, and Joe, and eme.