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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Civil War Underpinnings

Check it out. Here are the underpinnings that were worn in the Civil War Era. First, you have the chemise. It's like a big undershirt/slip thing. Then, you have the drawers (like bloomers, but with an open crotch). Those go over your chemise. Then, you have either a Stay, or a Corset. I made a stay. It's the precurser to the Corset. More comfy. Look how big my butt looks with all the layers!Next, you put on your petticoat. It's like a big waist slip. Then you add either a hoop (cage), or a corded petticoat. I made the corded petticoat. It's starched to stand out. Much easier to deal with camp and kids. Then, you put another petticoat over the corded petticoat to hide the lines of the cords. Then you have your dress. Then your apron. Holy cow! What a lot of layers!

But it sure makes a nice shape when you get your dress on!


Madison McShinsky said...

I see London, I see France, I see Bethys Underpants! Ha, cute! Looks like it would get really hot though!

a said...

The big stiff hoop keeps the hot layers of clothes off of you during the hot weather, or so "they" say. We'll see this summer. And everything is 100% cotton, so apparently it breathes really well. Again, we'll see this summer.