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Friday, March 30, 2007

Grocery Shopping

So today was grocery shopping day. For those of you with few to no children, this does not mean the same thing to you as it does to me. Shopping for 7 people for one week is quite a big project. Thats 49 breakfasts, 49 lunches, 49 dinners, and 98 snacks. 6 dozen eggs, 4 gallons milk, 2 bricks cheese, 3 bags bananas, 1 box each graham crackers, saltines, ritz, and the list just goes on and on.

Anyway, shopping day was supposed to be Monday, but it kept getting pushed back. So here it was Friday, and I was ready to go. I had my menu. I had my list. I knew which store, and which order. I had left the morning snack, and lunch, and directions on the kitchen counter for Brent for the kids. I had my snack and lunch packed, as well as Jimmy's. We were ready.

Brent was working from home for the day, so I left the 4 big kids with him, and took Jim with me. First, we went to Aldi's. We got about 80% of our food there. Then on to Wal-mart for a few thing. Then to Ultra Foods for a few more. Then home.

When I walked in the house, it smelled like burnt something. I asked Brent if he was cooking. He said that Joe tried to burn down the house. Nice. Apparently, he'd gone in the kitchen, and eaten all the bananas left out for lunch. Then, he was still hungry, and decided to make toast. No matter than the BILL PILE was sitting on the toaster. So that caught on fire. Luckily someone caught it in time. A few of the bills are charred around the edges. Which reminds me, Grandma Lyn, the check you sent got burnt. Can you send a different one?

But by the time that I got home, the only thing left of the mess was the smell. The floor was cleaned, the dishes done, the table cleared and wiped. It looked lovely. The big kids helped bring in the groceries, and helped me bag out the food. (I individually bag all the snacks)

So that was my fun shopping day. What an exciting life I lead!