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Friday, March 30, 2007

Cub Scout Pack 140 Pinewood Derby


Nathaniel said...

Very nice. I don't really remember any specific pinwood derby, but I do remember my car was pretty lame. I got a second place trophy though, hehe.

a said...

This was the first time that a Harty won a trophy! One time, we had giant trophies, very nice ones, and 5 out of the 4 kids got them. Guess who didn't get anything? Poor Jacob.

Anonymous said...

Yea, that stinks that we didn't score those cool trophies on Jacob's Tiger year. I thought for sure we'd smoke em! But I have developed a very accurate pinewood derby race axiom over the years: The more time you put into your car, the slower your can will be! It is so true. We took a kit out the box, no weight, no wheel work, and it came in third place in our pack this last race!

I go for how cool my cars look. Unfortunately, it is then a dead giveaway the the scout did no work on his derby car!