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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The First Day of Spring Break

Isn't this a lovely building? Not so lovely when you spend 5 hours in it. This is the New Emergency wing of Silver Cross hospital. Last night, at about 6:30, right after dinner, and before 7pm bedtime, the kids were playing outside in the back yard. Jimmy fell down and cut his head. It wasn't as bad as last time he cut his head (back in October), but it was still a little gapey.

So, I loaded up all 5 kids, and we headed out the door. Brent was off work for the day, he being sick. About 20 minutes before, he had left for the doctor. His cell was turned off. We got checked into the ER a few minutes before 7pm. Luckily they had a kids waiting room. The had a kiosk with 3 different video games that the kids could play. They had a TV, which of course was turned to something other than what children would want to watch. And they had a play table for little kids. If we had to wait somewhere, this was the place to wait.

We finally got ahold of Brent, and he came up to get the kids at 9pm. Jimmy was so upset that his Dad had finally come, but left him there. He was crying and saying "Mama...mama.. (pointing at the door) Dada....Dada.. Poor thing.

Then, Jimmy and I waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, at 10pm, he fell asleep. We were called to the back at 10:30pm. The doctor came to see us at 11:20. The nurse washed his wound at 11:30. The doctor decided that it needed only medical glue, not stitches. We got the glue at 11:40. We were discharged at 11:50. We were home by 12am. Wow, that was fun.