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Sunday, March 18, 2007


So how was your Sunday? Ours was good. I actually went to Gospel Doctrine class. This was Jim's 2nd week in nursery, so my 2nd week in Gospel Doctrine. I guess I could have gone before with him, but he's not the "play quietly in the back of the room" type of kid. He's more like the "tip over the chairs in the front row" kind of kid. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. The teacher makes the class a lot of fun. Brings some life to the scriptures.

Relief Society was great too. I'm the Chorister, so I get to pick the songs. I skim through the lessons, and try and pick appropriate songs. You know, since I"ve been doing this, I've gotten so much more out of RS. I understand the topics much better. I pay attention more. It's a good thing! Our lesson today was about prayer. The Hartys are going to make a much better effort to have regular family prayer morning and night!

Jimmy came home with a real cute hand out. It was a fishbowl. It was 2 paper plates, taped together reverse. One was cut, and had blue celophane taped to it. There was a fish and "plants" drawn on the inside. It was so cute. He was so excited about his "FFFFFFF". Silly kid.

Now were home, cooking dinner, and waiting for the Freecycle people to come and get our treadmill. It's got some issues. We got a new Eliptical at tax time, so we don't need the treadmill with issues anymore!

Hope your Sundays were good too!