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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Pancake Breakfast

So, after the "photo shoot", we got to eat breakfast! They had pancakes (diet and regular syrup and butter), sausages, scrambled eggs, milk (chocolate and white), and juice (apple and orange). The kids really liked it!

Here's Jimmy playing with Toms ear! Isn't Jimmy getting big!

I was really glad that Brent came. He was going to stay at home and do some "work", but decided at the last minute to come! I really was pleased to have him there!

Princess Emeline Melissa. Doesn't she look happy!

Joe was happy 1/2 a second before this picture was taken. I almost caught it!

Jacob said I would look better without the glasses. I agree Jacob!

I was going for a smile, but a tongue is ok too!

Here's Margie! She's about 20 or 21. She's the Simco's youngest daughter. Maureen, the oldest daughter, is about 25, and lives in Arizona.

Here's Joy and Jim! I'm so glad that she likes us!

Here's Andrew and Margie! They're staking out our seats while we go and get food!