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Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Brents New Musket

Isn't it pretty. It's nice. He was really excited to get it.

Here's a group shot of all his Civil War stuff. I'm not sure what it all is. Maybe he can post and let us all know what it is.

And here is him aiming his gun. Neat, eh?


Anonymous said...

Under laying the whole is the Missouri Battle Flag or Gen. Sterling Price's Flag made by the ladies of New Orleans. My ancestor Joseph G. Lewis could have fought under this banner. Next is my new 1853 3 band Enfield Musket. It is not a true musket, as it had the new rifling in it. It has all the accurate stamps and lack of bluing on it. There is the 'Liberty Dagger' which was pre-Civil War in commoration of the Revolutionary War. Very sharp! There is a wool Kepi. there is also my slouch hat. Also, the bayonet and scabbard are in there. Also, my cartridge box (the bigger bag) and my cap box (the smaller) as well as the belt with the Confederate States buckle. Also my canteen and haversack. I think that is all that was in the picture.