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Sunday, March 04, 2007

My Fun and Exciting Weekend

So we have sick kids this week. I know. A lot of fun. On Thursday, we woke up to Joe puking, and Jimmy puking and having a major blowout in his bed. It was so gross, no one would pick him up. Usually, Eme gets him out of his bed in the morning. It was disgusting. And stinky. No one would even go in there. Poor thing felt so sick, he was just laying in it.

Oh yah. And Joe had tried to puke in the toilet, but missed. He got it ON the toilet, lid down. Nice. That was fun to clean up. So I get Brent, and we go into the kitchen with Jimmy. Lay a towel down on the kitchen table. It takes the 2 of us to get it cleaned off. Then we take him directly into the bath. He hates baths. Funny, because he loved the water this summer. We used to call him Swimmy Jimmy. I guess a lot can change in 6 months :)

SOOOOOOO, Brent cleans up the puke in the bathroom, and I take the hysterical child from the bath. I dress him, and snuggle him on the couch. He instantly falls asleep. Yah, he's sick. We get the 2 big kids ready for school, and Brent gets ready for work. And leaves.

So I end up sitting on the couch with the sick kids almost all day long. Jimmy cries every time I put him down. He wants constant contact. Funny, because he's so independent most of the time that he doesn't have any need of me. Funny, as in SAD, no funny as in HaHa. I barley have time to cook dinner. Brent has late meetings, and doesn't get home until way after bedtime.

Next day, Friday, is a day off from school. Good thing, too, because now Jacob and Emeline are puking. Jim and Joe have slowed down on the puking, but now have the diarrhea. Fun. At least Joe is potty trained. Brent gets up early and goes to a staff meeting.

So I spend the entire day sitting on the couch with sick kids. Sound familiar? Tom, is still well, and spends the day avoiding the sick kids. Brent comes home at 3:00, and is sent back out at 4:30 to go grocery shopping for the family, and to run a few errands. He was really pleased with this arrangement. Yah, I"m not going with 4 sick kids. I"m good, but not that good.

He gets back at 7:30 (yah, don't know why it took so long. He says he didn't dally. So maybe I do have special mom powers?) We unload the truck, and he packs up for his trip to St. Louis. See, our good computer fried itself this week. Don't know why. That was a fun surprise to find. Brent's brothers live in St. Louis. It's like having our own personal Geek Squad. So, he and Tom go down on Friday night.

The next day, Saturday, I pretty much sit on the couch with sick kids. But they're getting better, so I can do a few chores. Like laundry. And dishes. Fun for me. And I did make cinnamon rolls. They were tasty, but sick kids don't like cinnamon rolls. Just for future reference.

I talked to Brent on Saturday day, and ask if he's coming home.

Well, if I come home, I'll just get sick, he says.

Nice. Way to think of the other person. So you'll just stay down in St. Louis, playing with your brothers, having fun, in a germ free house. And in the mean time, I'll stay here and nurse sick kids back to health. And clean. And cook. And do whatever else I do. Nice

So it's Sunday now. Brent and Tom are still gone. The kids are still sick. My friend is handling my calling for me, so I think that I'll spend the rest of the day, sitting on the couch with sick kids. Fun for me.


Anonymous said...

Laughs...just for you, Bethany, I did my bestest to give Brent my nasty, nasty cold. Hope everybody feels better! Kisses and hugs!

a said...

The sad thing is he didn't understand why I was upset with him when he got home. He thought I was upset because I didn't get to go. While it would have been fun to go, it was the "home with sick" all by myself that I wasn't keen on.

Anonymous said... can be such big dumb dopes, sometimes. As much as it sucks for them to not be there, though....unfortunately sometimes it's easier for them to be gone than for them to actually be there. Especially if they get sick themselves and become the biggest whining baby of the bunch. Not that your DH would ever, ever whine about anything. ;)