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Friday, March 30, 2007

Grocery Shopping Part II

So my last post had me arriving home from the store, and the big kids helping carry in the groceries. Then I bagged out all the snacks, and was done. Well, I just thought that I was done! I went upstairs to check my mail and blog and such, and when I was finished, Jimmy came upstairs. He was pretty snotty. There was snot all over him. And he was poopy. Nice. So I stripped him down, and took him downstairs.

On the way downstairs, I noticed this yellow stuff on each stair. At first, I thought that as he slid down the stairs, he got poop on them. I smelled it. Nope, not poop. Didn't know what it was. Now my curiosity was peeked. Jim and I went into the living room. I noticed the paper bag that I had carefully packed the 4 dozen eggs in, sitting by the front door. The boys had failed to put it in the kitchen, so I had failed to put it away. They just brought it from the car, and left it by the couch so they could go back to watching TV.

I was almost afraid to approach. As I got closer, I could see that one of the dozen eggs was on the floor, empty. Jimmy had taken out each egg, cracked it, dumped it, and mushed it around. It was a nasty mess. There was egg nasties all over the living room. Most was centered on the wood entry way, but some was drug through the carpet. It was not good.

The boys cleaned up the big chunks, and I got the egg slimies from the wood. Then, we moved everything out of the living room, vacuumed real good, and cleaned the carpet with the carpet cleaner. That was a fun afternoon.

I very wisely decided that I wouldn't blog this until after I had put the kids to bed. I didn't want a Grocery Shopping Part III.


The McCullough Family said...

Aren't kids great?! if it weren't for them we wouldn't have any excitement!

a said...

I remember when I was pregnant with Jacob, I was so bored! I just couldn't wait for the kid to come out. I must say, I haven't been bored since. Maybe I haven't always enjoyed the things that I've had to do, but I've never been bored!

And yes, they are great! I love each and every one of them :)