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Friday, March 16, 2007

Early Morning Bike Ride

This was our first walk/ride of the year! We woke up early (6am), and were walking by 7. We were back home by 8:20, and able to get the kids to school by 9. Go us!

Eme, Jake, and Tom ride on up ahead, and know to say in 'sight'. The trail is broken up into about 4 segments, so they never get too far ahead.

Here's the little kids, in the stroller. This is also what happens when you tell your kids to get their own coats/hats. Lovely, aren't they.

OK, it's mean to take a picture of a girl when she's working out. Glasses, hair not fixed, old jeans, and a sweatshirt. I look hot, let me tell you!

See how not fair it is to be a girl. Brent looks just fine. I always thought that was crappy that men just always looked the same, no hair fixing, or make-up, or nice clothes. Life is unfair :)