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Thursday, December 13, 2007

December Pack Meeting for Pack 30

Our Pack meeting was this past Wednesday night, and we really did have a lot of fun. It was a Christmas/Pizza party. We had Scout budget that we needed to spend, so Little Cesears was calling our name. Boy was it tasty.

We had pizza, Christmas desserts, games, Pinewood Derby car presents, and lots of fun. Here are lots of pictures of the fun and craziness that is a Pack meeting!

Joe building his puzzle. It's cut up xmas cards. Pretty neat, actually.
10 pizzas. Everyone left super full!
Not Jimm, but Spencer. Don't they look similar?
Eme and Mayle, building xmas puzzles. I'm sure glad that she's here for Eme at the pack meetings. They have a lot of fun.
Jacob loves babies. Isn't he sweet!
Tom and his buddies, doing their skit.
Eme with Laura and her baby brother. Laura is in Eme's Primary class, and has brothers in Scouts too. Lucky Eme.!
Eme and the Tyre baby.
Jimmy and his food. Piz! as he calls it.
Jimmy, after getting knocked to the ground by Spencer. This is a change. Usually it's my kids knocking someone to the ground, not the other way around. Poor Jim.

Jacob, and his Scout Xmas gift. The Pack bought Pinewood Derby cars for all the boys.
Tom and his car. See it in his fingers there. Nice pose, Tom.
Jacob getting his Scientist badge. And Joe giving him bunny ears :)
No, Mom. I don't want to be in this picture. Maybe if I lean back like this, I'll be out of range!
The boys in the Closing Ceremony.


Nathaniel said...

Wow, that kid does look a lot like Jim.

Madison McShinsky said...

Thats fun it was on your birthday so you got a pizza party!

a said...

After the fact, Spencers mom and I decided that thye should have been thing 1 and thing 2 for halloween. So funny.

And yeah, it was a fun birthday pizza party!