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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Jim's New Hat

Look what I made! First, I crocheted this lovely yellow hat. Yes, yellow. Lovely :) Next, I made the cream and blue. Much better. And they loved how it had ear coverings. Well, Joe didn't . The hat was supposed to be for him, but he freaked out when I brought it near him. Apparently, his ears are just fine the way they are, and don't need any coverings. Sorry Joe. My bad :)


Nathaniel said...

Wait, what's wrong with the yellow aside from not covering the ears?

a said...

Well, the yellow isn't too bad as a color, I guess, but the crocheting sucks. I was learning a new stitch, and just experimenting. Grammy Harty taught me the correct way to make a hat, and my subsiquent hats looked much better.

So yeah, the yellow in and of itself isn't too bad. It was more like a mustard, anyway. Sorry :) (Joe likes yellow too)

Anonymous said...

You are a woman of many talents! A fine Relief Society sister tried to teach me to crochet once and ended up flustered and saying- LISTEN IT IS NOT THAT HARD! and thumping off. Well for some of us it is that hard sister!!!
PS: When are you getting back?