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Friday, December 07, 2007

The Nativity Song

Check out this neat video. I made it for part of my music time this coming Sunday. I'm the Singing Time Leader, you know. Last week, I had the kids draw pictures that went with this song, then photographed the drawings. Then, I edited them into the song, with other pics I found on the web. I thought it turned out very nice. I especially like the last picture of Mary and Jesus. It's called "Kissing the Face of God", or something like that. Precious. I hope you enjoy!


Chris & Stephanie said...

I LOVE this! Our Primary kids are singing the Nativity Song for Sacrament meeting - LOVE it!
I have to say Primary Chorister is my ALL TIME FAVORITE calling!

Anonymous said...

Bethany, we're just finally getting around to watching your video. We really enjoyed it. The children love all of your activities. Thank you for all that you do! --The Tyres