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Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My Grinch Name

My mom sent me this link (My Grinch Name), and, well, I thought it was pretty funny. Here are a few of my favorite results:

Me (Bethany) - Moodytroll Crustyton

Brent - Scroogeywhiner Crustyton

Jake - Crabbymonkey Crustyton

Tom - Peevishcrab Crustyton

Eme - Miserlygrinch Crustyton

Joe - Meanfrown Crustyton (how appropriate)

Jim - Grumpycrab Crustyon

My mom (lyn) - Frownwhiner Fussybottom

Dad (Steve) - Moodygloom Fussybottom

Terry - Miserlygrinch Fussybottom

Taylor - Wretchedgrump Fussybottom

Madi - Crabbygloom Snippyham

Joe - Grumpyfrown Snippyham

Ella - Frowngrump Snippyham

Carol - Crabbymonkey Crustyton

Paul - Crabbyurchin Crustyton

Aunt Shirley - Woefulgrump Wickedshorts (so funny)

Grandma Ida - Woefultroll Snottynose (hehehe)

Grandpa Lucky - Dismalscrooge Snottynose
Aunt Sue - Meanfrown Onerypoop
Steve - Moodygloom Onerypoop


Chris & Stephanie said...

These are too funny...I'll have to check this site out!

Anonymous said...

meanfrown onerypoop, huh?Absolutely TOOOOOOO funny!
Love you kids!!!
Aunt Sue (AKA m.onerypoop)

a said...

i think i liked yours the best, aunt sue!