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Sunday, December 16, 2007

How Well Do You Know Me?

Bethany Quiz

Yeah, I made one for both Thomas and Jacob, but I lost them. Eventually, they should email me something about them, and then I'll post them. They're kind of fun to see how well you know us all!


Nathaniel said...

I officially know you the worst. There were like three that I had down between the right answer, and what I picked. Hehe. I also accidentally clicked the wrong answer, though I meant to click the right answer.

You know what's sad, is that I missed some easy ones, but I got your school mascot right. How weak is that? I remember seeing a yearbook at the house of the people we stayed with when you guys got married. Sadly, their name escapes me at this point. Your reception also mislead (I think anyway) me with your favorite color. I went with green.

Oh well.

Madison McShinsky said...

That was pretty easy, although I did guess on one, but I got it right..I rule...Ha

a said...

Their names are the Andersons. They're pretty nice.

As for the favorite color, black is slimming, and, well, lets just say black is slimming :)

And you can't really have black as one of your wedding colors, now can you :)

Nathaniel said...

Ahh, yes.

Black is pretty awesome.