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Thursday, July 05, 2007

This was a great 4th of July picnic. Too bad more people didn't come. Too bad for them, I guess. Our little program was terrific! Thanks to Brent, Jim Landerman, Ed Soja, and me for reading parts. And to Mirko Polyak for saying the prayer.

Awe, the desserts.... This is Tom's. He won 2nd place in the Kids category. Yummy trifle!

Here's the Lopez's cookies. Aren't they beautiful. They won 1st place in the adult category, because they were the only ones. 2 others got there late, and missed the judging. So they got 2nd and 3rd. You snooze, you lose, I guess :)

And this one is Liz Householders. She's one of the youth. It was pretty good. It was brownie on the bottom. Mmmmm, chocolate :) She won 1st place for the kids.


Anonymous said...

mmm yummy desserts!

a said...

They were quite tasty!

a said...

Another reason I've gained 5 instead of losing 10 like I wanted to :)

The McCullough Family said...

Yes, the desserts look scrumtious! What is the triffle? looks good!