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Monday, July 02, 2007

Slap Happy

Jim was tired tonight, it was 7:30, and was sitting on Tom's lap for scriptures and prayers. As Eme is saying her nice prayer, I hear this loud slapping noise. After the prayer, I check out whats going on. Jim is wacking Tom as hard as he can. It was a funny game for them, but not as funny for Tom as for Jim. Tom was being a good big brother, though.

OK, I'm done with the slapping. I'll poke your eyes out instead!


Madison McShinsky said...

What a turkey! ha

a said...

These pics don't do it justice, the slapping was really hard. I was surprised that Tom was so patient with him.

Lyn said...

You can tell Tom that its ok to tell Jim No NO!! ha

Mr. Matt said...

Tell Tom that he is a great big brother and that is what a scout should act like. Tell him that i am proud of him.

Stephen said...

LMAO, what a little devil, haha.