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Monday, July 30, 2007

More Glenview Pictures

Here are a few pics from Glenview. It's only a couple of miles from the Temple. That was so cool to drive by the temple in the dark, and see it. It was beautiful.

Here's Jacob, posing near the cannon. Crazy kid!Here's the whole fam, minus me. Someone's gotta take the pic!

And Jacob again, that crazy powder monkey!

Jim's more interested in his popcorn than the cannon!

Here's Eme. We've become friends with a new couple in the unit, Victor (imagine a slender Coronal Sanders) and .....oops, I've seemed to forgotten Victor's wife's name. Sorry. Anyway, at the last event, they said that they loved our kids, and wanted to be their "grandparents" for the events. Sounded like a plan to me! They spent a lot of time with Eme (well, everyone LOVES eme), walking her around, and taking her to the nature center (very cool), and talking with her. Here's a pic of her and her new shoes that Victor got for her. And her fan. Her old shoes were falling apart, so when they made their trip to the Sutlers, he got her a new (used) pair of boots. Thanks so much, Victor!

Even though I'm not an animal lover, I must say that I was impressed with this horse. Very gentle and regal, it was. And massive. It was so much bigger than other horses I've seen recently. Very pretty.

I just love this pic of Brent and Joe. Here's some of my boys!


Lyn said...

Love the pictures!