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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Dinner at Chili's

So the Joliet Public Library is doing a summer reading program, and each week that the kids turn in a book log with the books that they read, they get to choose either a cheap toy or a food certificate. Hello, Harty's. Food!

This week, we chose to get the free Chili's kids meals. Techinaclly, we were only supposed to get 1 meal per 1 adult, and no more than 2 coupons per ticket. But I wasn't worried, 'cause we had Brent with us.

Here's Joe with Jims new book from the library. Jim wasn't too happy about that. Look at the sad face below.

And here's Chili's, in Morris

This is the funniest sign. Not so funny after I have to explain what it means, 4 times, to the kids.

Who knew that babies could like spicy salsa. It was too hot for Tom, but Jim loved it!

Eme had chicken fingers and fries, and Tom got the Ribs and mashed potatoes.

Brent and I got the steak (we tried to get rare, but they didn't know how not to cook it too long), fries, broccoli, and toast. Super yummy. His steak was better than mine, so I made him split it with me. He's so nice.

Jim got the mac and cheese and corn on the cob. But he'd ate so many chips, he wasn't really hungry. Joe ended up eating most of his corn.

Jacob got the pizza (huge) and fries. Joe got a chicken sandwich. It was a nice looking one, too. On a whole wheat bun. He ate 1/2, and Jacob ate the other 1/2.

See the piece of meat at the top, which is clearly med rare. Now look at the other 2. Clearly done. Not so cool.

Joe and Jim's corn.

Isn't she cute!

What a good time it was! Thanks Joliet Public Library!


Lyn said...

HA! The only thing missing there was ME and my chicken tacos. . . and dad too! Can't wait till Nov.

Anonymous said...

mmmm Chili' Melvina..i think Joe and I and Ella are missing too..helllo!

a said...

How much fun would have THAT been!!!!!!!!!

Nathaniel said...

That's awesome that Jim likes the salsa, and that Tom is wearing his CSA kepi. Nice.

The McCullough Family said...

we don't even have a Chilli's here, let alone the library giving us certificates. They do give out books and they have drawings for other prizes, but I don't think it is food certificates.