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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Arrowhead District Cub Scout Day Camp

We had a lot of fun at Brent's Day Camp. It was long gruling days, but we survived. Sometimes it's had to have so much fun! We left the house at 7 am, and got back home at 5ish each day. Wow!

My job was to work with the Tot Lot, or the siblings that came so their parents could work at camp. We had 7-15 kids, depending on the day. They were mostly a good group of kids. We did lots of craft activities, some walking around, and lots of water. Here are some pictures from our first day at camp.

Emeline and Abby, after cooling off in the Misting Tent. Funny, cause it sounded like they kept saying missing tent. Can we go in the missing tent? So funny :)

Here's the Tot Lot. The campers wore orange, and the leaders or helpers wore gray.

I liked this shot of the flags.

Here's Joe and his buddy.

And here's the famous misting tent. I was so glad that our area was right next to it. The kids could go and cool off any time they wanted. Jimmy practically lived in there!


Maddie said...

its mom! i love that misting tent..that would be my space, just get a chair and a soda and id be set!

a said...

Yeah mom, you would have liked the misting tent. nice and refreshing. Of course, so was lunch in the air conditioned church. Leadership does have it's perks. everyone else was eating out in the hot sun. it's nice to have friends in high places :)

Lyn said...

HA i've said that before. . i like the leadership perks, or those who have it and share!