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Saturday, February 09, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

So what do you think of my kids Valentine's this year. Aren't these cool? I just made them a 2x6 in Photoshop, then saved 3 of them on a 4x6, then sent them to Wal-mart. The kids really liked them. Happy Valentine's Day (a little early, but that's ok)


Nathaniel said...

Very nice. I've got to say I like Joe's the best... STAR WARS!

The whole personalized Valentine's Day Cards is an awesome idea. Are there services that sell such things? If not, there should be.

They could have various templates from different licensed stock, or even have customized, non-licensed cards available. Cool idea.

a said...

Why thanks! I think I like Joe's best too. Tom's turned out better than I thought it would, and Jacobs is just passable. It was the one I did last, and I was starting to lose interest :)

We actually got the idea from Wal-mart. They had princesses, and spiderman on a flyer (photo) the last time we developed pictures. Really a great idea, I though. So I stole it from them, and developed it myself. Can't remember how much they were charging, but it was more than the 19 cents I'm paying for doing it myself :)

Madison McShinsky said...

Cool idea! Even it if was walmarts! Ha, doing things yourself is always better..and cheaper!

a said...

Brent just brought them back from Wal-mart, and they look good! Some times walmart develops their online pics a big dark, but other than that, they're good!

Anonymous said...