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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Happy Birthday, Mom!

Happy Birthday, Mom! I'm sure glad that you're my mom. But you're so much more than just that to me. I'm glad that we're such good friends, and we truly enjoy each others company. We like to talk on the phone together, even if we're not saying anything. Even if I'm just listening to you work, or you're just listening to me talk to the kids.

I like that we laugh at the same things, and that we get each others funny sense of humor. I like that you were home when I was little. I like that you always went out of your way to help me out when I was in school. Like bringing forgotten items to school, or driving me around places, or staying up late to help me with homework.

I like that you came and helped out when I had my babies. I like that you like to take us places, and have lots of fun. You really do like to have a good time. You're not a boring mom. You most definitely not!

I like how you are not afraid to share you testimony with anyone (and I really do mean anyone!). I like how you've started listening to Glenn Beck, and are so interested in politics right now. That's so good for you!

I like how you send the kids and I interesting things in the mail. You've always done that! Even at college, I can remember getting a box with the most random stuff in it from you. Life is always a surprise!

I like that you love your grandkids, and let them talk to you (or listen to you) on the phone. That's real love!

Thanks so much for being my Mom, and for most importantly, being my friend!

I love you, Mom

Happy Birthday


Anonymous said...

Nicely done, Baby Girl!

Happy B-day Grandma Lyn!


Lyn said...

What a grand birthday card that was! You just made my face smile really big!!! Thank you ever so much!

a said...

You're welcome! Happy Birthday, Mom!