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Friday, January 04, 2008

The Stalcup Skating Party

What a fun time we had at the skating rink. Thanks so much, Ashlee, for inviting us to the party! We really had a great time :)

Eme and the girls

Jacob, taking a break. He had to come in his Scout clothes, cause Scouts started 30 minutes before the party ended. We were only a little late to Scouts :)

Joe, upset about his skates. His first pair was too slippery, and this new pair was too noisy. Poor Joe.

Isn't this cute! This is Kess Stalcap and Jimmy. Jimmy had a great time at the skating party. Thanks again, Stalcups!


Nathaniel said...

Is it just me, or does Joe look much older in that picture? That picture of Jim is classic, and roller skating is good stuff.

a said...

He's just getting older :) He's such a big kid now.

And hey, have you seen the Sci-Fi mini series called "Tin Man'. I started watching it tonight, and it's pretty good.

It has that Zoey girl from ELF that you like. It's loosely based on Wizard of Oz. I think it's a 3 parter. Pretty good, really.

Not like those dumb fairy tale movies that they usually make for TV. This one is pretty good.

Maddie said...

Skating is fun, but I suck at it...ha

Nathaniel said...

I figured it could be that he was just getting older.

Yeah, I watched Tin Man when it came out specifically because of Zooey Deschanel, but I also like Neal McDonough and Alan Cumming.

a said...

I suck at skating too. Notice I wasn't in the pics with my skates on! Remember right before my wedding, when Brent tried to teach me to roller blade. I ended up with a bruised chin for the pictures. Nice, eh? I guess that's what make-up is for !