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Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Merry Christmas Morning

Wow! Christmas morning was a great time! All the kids got a video and a pack of gum from Santa Claus! Thanks Santa! Then, we opened presents from Grammy and Grandpa Harty and Aunt Adrienne. You guys are awesome!

Joe got the Grinch from Santa, and a coloring set from Grammy, Grandpa, and Adrienne.

Eme got a baby doll with carrier from Grammy, Grandpa, and Adrienne.

The family got Disney's Scene It. Jimmy was impressed that Lightening McQueen (CARS) was on the front~

Jacob got a model plane from Grammy, Grandpa, and Adrienne.

Eme got a porcelain doll and Tom got glass horses from Grammy, Grandpa, and Adrienne.

Tom got Doctor DoLittle from Santa.

Jacob got Planet of the Apes from Santa.

I got Ella Enchanted from Santa. OK, it was for Brent too. Doesn't he look thrilled!

But he was happy about this! Aunt Madi, Uncle Joe, and Ella sent this to Brent and I. Well, he thinks it's just for him. I told him it was to share, but he didn't think so!

Eme got Black Beauty, and a horse calendar from Santa.