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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Awards for Pinewood Derby

OK, I thought that this would be easy and simple, but can you believe that these took me 4 straight hours to do? I started at 1:30, and here it is, 5:30. No dinner. Kids downstairs playing computer. But don't they look nice! (And yes, I did still do school with the kids. Tom had assessments for almost all of his classes today, and got done at 11am, Eme at 1:30, and Jacob is self guided a lot)


Madison McShinsky said...

Those are snazzy! Where did you get the white letters?

a said...

from the link on my page, free digital scrapbooking. they're called metal gel, I think. They look pretty cool, eh?

CSA Brent said...

Sweetie...those rock! Nice job on the certificates...very cool!

Lyn said...

I second the snazzy! Love the cars! and the children will really like them!