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Friday, January 18, 2008

My Kid and his Messes

I was talking to my Mom tonight about all of the stuff that Jimmy has dumped on the floor lately. It's a habit that I have yet to break him of. One of these days. They don't stay 2 forever, right? Please tell me I'm right!

Cake Mix

Ok, imagine a #10 can of cake mix. I know, it's big. Now, imagine a 2 year old with it. Unsupervized. I know. Big mess. Jimmy dumped it all over the living room floor. Nice Jimmy. Way to ruin the carpet in the rental. At least you could have taken it into the kitchen with the WOOD FLOORS. Oh well. Jacob vacuumed it up, and all was well.

Yeah, see this. This is what it was, but a HUGE can (like a coffee can)

Next, I'll spare you the nasty visual. Jimmy didn't have a diaper on, and he did his business on the living room carpet. Nasty. To make matters worse, he drove Mater through it. Super nasty. Then, he brought me the truck, and wanted me to clean it. Gross. I soaked it in super hot water with soap, scooped up the rest of the poop, sprayed it with cleaner, and rubbed it out. that was fun!

In comparison to the rest, this one isn't too bad. He dumped the last drink of my soda on the floor. On my white carpet in my bedroom. Did you know that Dr Pepper is redish? Well, you do now.

He hasn't done this one too much, since we stopped buying water bottles. But, historically, he likes to dump water all over the floor. Thanks, Jim.

And, peanut butter. Yesterday, I found him on the counter, with a knife and the peanut butter. He was trying to get it out without using his fingers, but it was still all over.....

Well, at least he wasn't this kid. Can you imagine having to clean this mess up? How would you even do this. Just to repeat, this was NOT JIM.


Unknown said...

Just be glad he wasn't covered like that kid with the number two from your second anecdote.