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Friday, January 25, 2008

Eme's Artwork

Isn't this a neat idea. A few lessons back, we learned about mixing colors (primary and secondary) and color tints (adding white) and shades (adding black). Tom was supposed to paint a piece of paper with mixed colors, and with shades and tints. Of course, Emeline and Joe wanted to join in the fun. The next lesson, we took the papers we had painted, and on it, drew the shape of a cat. Everyone liked Tom's design, so he volunteered to make everyone else a cat. Emeline used her painted paper, Tom drew on the cat, Eme cut it out, and she glued it onto a piece of cardstock. We decorated the cardstock so it looked like a rug. They cut out shapes of bright colored paper to decorate the rug (ok, some kids did this more than others).

Anyway, here's Eme's final product. Isn't it wonderful!!!!


Lyn said...

She did a great job, and who knew Tom could draw so well!! WOW...good on both of them!

Madison McShinsky said...

thats a great cat! and Eme is super cute to!