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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Joe's Fall Party at Preschool

Check out these cute pics of Joe at his "fall" party at school. OK, so why not Halloween? I understand liberal Oregon banning Halloween from school, but rural Ohio? I went to the DMV on Halloween, and all the employees were in costumes. Heck, Cobra Commander waited on me. Anyway.....

Joe's preschool class had a fall party, and a pinata and lots of tasty treats. I had fun taking pics of Joe, and Jim had fun playing in the preschool classroom. Anyway, here he is, in all of his glory!


Lyn said...

Yeah for Halloween!!! And Commander whoever!

Lyn said...

He's going to miss this huh?? You may have to have weekly group stuff to keep him partified!

a said...

Poor Joe. He asked if tomorrow was the day to go to school. Because today wasn't, he said. Poor thing.