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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Halloween Kids

Here's pics of my other Halloween kids. Jacob is a Jedi. He got in trouble at school the other day, and part of his punishment was that he couldn't root for the dark side. So, he had to be a Jedi instead of Darth Maul. I know, life it rough.

Eme is a fairy princess. She's been this for the last 3 years, I think. OH well, it's an easy costume. A nice sunday dress with fake wings. Nice.

Joe is the yellow knight. This is year #2. Again, repeats are nice if you're on a budget. Isn't he cute!


Nathaniel said...

Oh well, he can always go to the dark side next year. It's hard to go wrong with Eme and Joe's costumes, and I know it's the wrong thread, but Jim's costume is nice too.

Maddie said...

Cute costumes! I love halloween! what did you and brent dress up as?