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Friday, November 30, 2007

Our Thanksgiving Vacation

Well, my mom was so kind to blog our Thanksgiving vacation for us. For now, just check out her blog to see all of the fun and exciting things that we did the week they were here. Jimmy learned to say Ma-In real fast. He knew where the money was coming from, eh? Silly boy.

Mom's Blog


Chris & Stephanie said...

LOVED these pics (I should have left a comment on HER blog oops!). What a fun time. Isn't it wonderful when parents come to visit? My mom (like your mom) always comes out for a couple weeks when I have a baby - it makes me want to keep having more! :o)

a said...

Hehe. Me too. But now we're on the baptism every 2 year schedule. No more kids in the Harty household.