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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Tom's Halloween Costume

When asked who Tom was for Halloween, he responded in the following way:

Person: So, who are you supposed to be?

Tom: The Doctor.

Person: Doctor who?

Tom: Just the Doctor.


Lyn said...

Thats our boy, Thomas!!!

Nathaniel said...

Tom wins for the coolest costume ever.

Maddie said...

I don't get it...ha

a said...

Madi, it's Doctor Who. A British family sci-fi program. Awesome. Definitely our favorite thing to watch on TV (on the telly)

Nathaniel said...

By the way, I dunno if I mentioned it earlier, but they also developed another spin-off of Doctor Who intended for kids. It's called the Adventures of Sarah Jane. It's not too bad. Cheesy of course, but I keep watching. They've shown 8 episodes, and I think there is 1 more before the series (season for us American types) ends.

Sarah Jane Smith was a companion on Doctor Who way back in the day. She was brought back in season 2 of the new show as a guest. In case you don't remember, it's the episode at the school when they use K9, etc.

Anyway, the new show uses Sarah Jane and three kids (a girl and two boys) as the main cast. They throw in some old school Doctor Who references, and they run around with her sonic lipstick saving the world. Sadly, K9 was only referenced in the pilot.