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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Buckeyes and Bulls

So the first bunch of pics are from the Farm. We got to see the animals, and thought about riding on the ride to the orchard. But the line was 2 hours long, then another 1 hour for the ride. That was just too much waiting. So, we rode the little carriage ride. It was only a few minute wait. Of course, it was only a 3 minute ride, but hey, much more our speed.

The funnest part, by far, was watching the men shake the Buckeye tree. These huge pods would fall from the tree, and hit the innocent bystanders. They would break open, and a buckeye seed would fall to the ground. I loved it. I'd never seen a buckeye before. So fun.

The last few pics are of "our" herd of cattle. They've wandered into camp, and no one has come to get them yet. Ranger Kerry has called the sherrif, but I'm not sure what their doing about it yet. There's 8 of them. 3 moms, 3 babies, and 1 bull. Hmmm, that's only 7. Well, I know there's 8 cows, so there's 1 more, but i'm not sure which category it fits into:)

They were by the new dining hall construction area when we left for our walk, and were by the pavillion when we came back. Crazy cows. They're leaving nasty cow patties all over camp. I'm a little worried that the kids will go out to play, and the cattle will "get" them. Scary cows!


Lyn said...

Welcome back Kotter! Oh how we have missed you and your sense of life!! Yeah for 20 minute dial up! HAAAAA