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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our Little Cabin in the Woods

Last night was Scouts. There was a family there that had 4 0r 5 kids, just like us. I'd seen them around the last few weeks, but hadn't had a chance to talk with her yet. She was really nice.

So, where we were living? she asked.

Scout Camp, I say.

Oh, that's Cute, she said, and smiled. No really, where are you living?

No really, I say. Scout camp. We can't get somewhere new until our house sells.

She thought that because Brent worked for the scouts, that we spent a lot of time out at camp, and it felt like we lived at camp. So she thought I was making a cute joke. If only it was a joke.....


Lyn said...

FUNNY but where the cabin??? ahhh :)