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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Civil War Weekend in Ohio

Here are a few pics from this past weekends Civil War Event. Don't ask where it was, casue I wasn't driving. But it took about 1 1/2 hours to get there from the cabin. Somewhere in Ohio :)

This dial-up thing is terrible. It took 20 mintues to post these 5 pictures. Holy cow. I guess it's better than nothing, though!

Jimmy and the gun

Jacob :)
Tom and his buddy
Eme and her friend :)


Maddie said...

Your kids are getting soo big! And their Civil War clothes look way better then their friends! Good sewing job! I just learned how to do leg warmers if you want to do some for Eme (they look cute with skirts) i'll send you the instructions!

a said...

thanks! sounds good :) I used to wear leg warmers when I was Tom's age. Funny how thing come somewhat back into fashion. Does that make me officially old?

Lyn said...

No that makes me officially old!! ha

Erin said...

i love how little kids make friends. its so cute.