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Friday, February 23, 2007

Spying on Joe

Yes, I know. It's probably and infringement on a civil liberty or something like that, but i get good pictures that way. I looked in the living room, and saw Joe playing with the dow rods. I think they were left over from when we made our Hot Wheel Derby Track. Anyway, he was having a blast. (He's watching TV too, so that's why he lookes all zoned)

It takes skills to watch TV and play with sticks at the same time.

My kid has talent, doesn't he!

Oh look. He's peeled his eyes away from the TV to look at the sticks!

But alas, back to the TV. Maybe we need to turn it off more often :)

Sadly, I didn't even mention Eme, who was sitting on the couch, playing the game boy... and watching TV. Yes, I know, my parenting skills are somewhat lacking at some times :)