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Friday, February 23, 2007

New Sweaters

Check out how adorable my boys are in their new sweaters! We found them at Wal-Mart. Not bad for only $3.00 a piece. And they all match. We even got Eme a nice blue polo to match them.

Here's Joe. What an adorable face he has. He can bring a smile to my face instantly. No matter how naughty he has been !

Here's Tom, Joe, and Jake, posing for my picture. I must tell you. They really didn't want to do this. Especially Tom. Just when he thought that it was over, I wanted another picture. I think I even had to threaten a spanking to get him to smile. Come on people. Pictures are FUN!

Here's Jake, Jim, Joe, and Tom, posing on the top bunk of Jake and Tom's bunk beds. Would be perfect, but Joe's hands are in his face. I had to show him how to pose his hands, but by then, Jim was done with taking picture, and thinking about jumping off the bed. Not so much a good choice!

So after I couldn't get a good group shot on the bed, I setteled for a nice shot of Joe and Tom. I think it turned out very nicely, don't you?