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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Do You Think I'm Dumb?

Why is it that kids always think that we're dumb. Or that we're not looking. Do they really think that we don't notice what they're doing.

Like how Eme just now snuck into her bedroom with the gameboy, and it's bedtime. Sure, I haven't techinaclly put her to bed yet, but does she really think that I didn't see her go in there.

And during Family Home Evening, when an unnamed kid picked his nose, and sneak-ily ate it. Gross. Did you really think that we didn't see that!

Or when Joe sneaks food from the kitchen, and creeps it into the living room. And I'm in the living room. Hello. Don't you see me sitting right there!

Or when they try and tell you that they did clean their room, when they didn't. At least if your gonna tell a fib, make sure it isn't that easy to tell if your lying.

The joys of motherhood!