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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


Jimmy is so cute. I guess there a reason for that. If he wasn't so cute, we'd have gotten rid of him months ago!

He walks around the house getting into trouble. Grabbing things off shelves. Climbing onto tables and chairs. Climbing stairs. Eating homework. Breaking dishes. Emptying cabinets and drawers. Eating crayons. Drooling on stuff. Leaving slug like snot trails.

He loves kisses, but I don't like the "extras' that come with the kisses. Snot and teeth are not so cool for a kiss!

Today, I finally decided to do something about the snot problem. He's been green and drippy for a day or two. I grabbed the Snot Sucker (blue bulby thing) and a roll of TP. I laid Jim down on the couch, and grabbed his hands with one of my hands, and put my arm acrossed his neck. OK, don't fread out here. It wasn't in a bad way. I just didn't want him squirming away.

So, I held him down, and sucked the snot. Lots of green nasties came up. Gross. Then came the red nasties. It's so dry out here that we all have little nose bleeds now and again. So after the Christmas Snot, poor thing was pretty upset. Really, he handeled it quite well. He was sleepy, so he laid there and looked pitiful. Poor Jimmy.

The other thing you'll notice from these pics is how beat up the poor little guy is. He got a new goosegg today on top of where he had his stitches. Nice. Poor kid. We don't beat them, we promise!