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Wednesday, December 13, 2006


OK, so I"m really bored. Thats not right. I"m really advoiding something. Thats better. I'm sitting here one the couch watching Caillou with the kids. I'ts my most hated Cartoon that I let the kids watch. Anyway, it's the only show on at 1pm that I let the kids watch. So we're kind of stuck with each other. He's the bald kid in the middle. A really whiny 4 year old. Here's a copy of the theme song. We have our own version......

I'm just a kid who's four
Each day I grow some more
I like exploringI'm Caillou.
(I'm just a kid who's 4)
(Each day I'll whine some more)
(I like to whine cause I'm Caillou)
So many things to do
Each day is something new
I'll share them with youI'm Caillou.
(So many things to do)
(I'm such a baby too)
(I'll whine and cry cause I'm Caillou)
My world is turning
Changing each day
With Mommy and Daddy
And finding my way!
(I'm such a whiner)
(Whining each day)
(With Mommy and Daddy)
(Enabling away!)

Growing up is not so tough
Except when I've had enough
But there's lots of fun stuffI'm Caillou.
Caillou, Caillou, I'm Caillou...That's me!
(Growing up is not so tough)
(I need to get kicked in the butt)
(I'm such a whiner I'm Caillou)
(Caillou, Caillou, I"m Caillou)
anyway, thats our verion. hate the show. hate the song. hate everyitng about it. he's a whinny little kid, and his paretns totally baby him. enough about that :) I feel so much better!


Beth said...

I am LOVIN' your version of the Caillou song. I second it. Unfortunately, Paige LOOOOVES "daillou".. bummer for me.